New Calm Face Necklaces

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 🌑🌙☀️ Way back in the 90s, I cast an image from the centrepiece of a 1960s vintage astrology board game (???). It was originally a sun, but in round pendant size (without the large sun rays) it more resembles a calm moon face, although I still see it as both or either.

I use to make ceramic sun moon face necklaces. Fun and easy. I wasn't sure that I could swing it with glass but after months of tests and trials and many casts and firings, I can now make a ready to wear sun-moon-face necklace.💫

And so now I am listing several of the successful one of a kind tests and samples. Some of these I might be lucky enough to be able to make again, but some of them were a moment in time and I may have mislaid my notes;)


Pink red orange purple sun moon calm face pendant necklaces


green blue red teal sapphire sun moon calm face pendant necklaces handmade in glass by Leila Cools

Aqua Teal Green Denim Turquoise sun moon calm face pendant necklaces