Sun? Moon? Take your pick!

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It’s a work day bonus when I can open the kiln and remove the molds to find these calming paper faces looking up at me. 🌞


 unloading new sun and moon face pendants from kiln


I've brought back a classic image from back when I was making ceramic jewellery. I'm working to incorporate this calm face image into a glass pendant. Harder than I expected but a fun process nonetheless. 


clay stamps for pressing warm glass


Instead of making ceramic faces as pendants, I made ceramic stamps from the negative image of the face to press the glass in the kiln. 


the first mini batch of sun face necklaces


The first mini-batch. I have to learn how to photograph them in order to better capture the face detail!


sun face and moon face necklaces on 30" brass chain

Here is the first batch actually listed in the shop.