Experimenting with Copper Hearts

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I recently organized my show box of glass pendant samples and experiments, gluing them onto cards for easy reference. (I've started many projects and I'd like to finish some of them!)

 glass necklace experiment boards

While doing this, I came across a heart pendant necklace sample that I'd made with Valentine's Day in mind but had set aside. I guess the thing about heart necklaces is that they are so perfect for that one time of the year that if I don't get them made in time, then they have to wait for another year. 

 copper heart pendant necklace

In any case, I didn't have the notes to go along with the sample, so I embarked on a series of test batches, trying to recreate the heart pendant using the one component that I was sure of, hearts cut out of copper foil, plus a variety of paints. The trick is, these paints have to survive and look great after being fired in the kiln at 1500 degrees. 

 copper heart valentines day jewellery tests

I ended up with many more Valentine's Day Necklace samples to work with, for next year;)


I did do one small batch from my favourite of the samples favourite, in 3 colours...and plan to make more soon. The patinated copper hearts are lined with metallic bronze enamel that lightens the copper and adds an outline of turquoise bubbles. I hope you like them as much as I do! Next I will drill holes and put them on chain. You can now find the finished copper heart necklaces in my shop.