New style of brass chain added to designs...

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When I had trouble getting a hold of my one go-to necklace chain, I removed the chain option from my pendant necklaces. After all, most of my customers choose the cotton cord option (high quality imported Japanese waxed cotton cord).

cotton cord necklace with clasp detail

But I have a variety of interesting chain in my studio, some of which can suit some necklaces in particular. I've decided to add limited quantities of chain (because that's what I have;) to specific pendant necklaces. 


lotus flower necklace with brass chain

(And have more new styles of chain waiting in the wings. Check back for those or join my mail list and I will send a note when they are added.)


👁️  Take a quick look at the necklaces with this new chain option. ✨


horse necklace in vintage colours with brass chain


P.S. If you want to match a chain and pendant (and even a different length), there is a good chance that it is doable, even if it isn't shown on the listing just send me a note and I will respond asap.